How often should I wash my hair extensions?
Halo Hair Extensions- We recommend washing your halo hair extensions after 5-7 wearings.

Seamless Tape Extensions, Cylinder Extensions, Fusion Extensions- wash as frequently as you would like.

Do I need to use a special shampoo?
No, you can use any gentle shampoo, we recommend a sulfate free shampoo to maintain the color and vibrancy of your hair extensions.

How do I wash my hair extensions?
Halo Hair Extensions & Clip-In Extensions - We recommend bring your hair extensions to a professional hair salon to have them wash and style your hair extensions.

Can I curl or straighten my hair extensions?
Yes you can curl and straighten your 100% human hair extensions with with styling tools. Be careful not to apply heat to the bond of the extension.

Can I brush my hair extensions?
Yes, we recommend brushing your extensions frequently throughout the day with a soft bristle flat brush such a the wet brush. DO NOT BRUSH WHEN WET COMB.

Can I color my hair extension?
Yes- we highly suggest having a professional hair colorist color your extensions.

Can I use styling products on my hair extensions?
Yes you can use any of your favorite styling products.

Can I brush my hair extensions while I'm wearing them?
Yes, brush gently and often with a soft bristle brush.

How long will my hair extensions last?
It varies and depends on how often you wear your extension, and how well you care for your extension.

Will my hair extensions be ruined if it gets wet?
Rain or water will not damage your 100% human hair extensions

Can I replace the clear band on my halo hair extension if it breaks?
Yes, the clear band on your halo hair extension can be replaced... as well as clips  on clip-in extensions.

Can I wear my extensions while I exercise?
Yes, your hair extension can be worn while sweating and moving, be aware hair halo and clip in extensions my shift while doing vigorous movement.

What materials are hair extensions made of?
All of our hair extensions are 100% human hair. We use different texture's to match your hair texture perfectly.

Do the extensions work with short hair?
Yes, many people with short hair, like a "bob" haircut use hair extensions for volume and length.

Do the extensions work with thinning hair?
Yes, we work with you to find the perfect hair extension system for you. There is a hair extension system perfect for every hair issue.

Can my stylist cut my hair extension?
Absolutely, but remember hair extensions do not grow back, so make sure you know the look you are trying to achieve before you start cutting.

Can ,y hair extensions be different colors?
Yes, hair extensions can be treated like any other human hair. They can be multi-toned, omber, highlighted.. ect

How long are hair extensions?
Hair extensions come in all lengths from 8 inches to 24 inches

What is the texture of the hair extensions?
The same texture as smooth silky lustrous healthy hair to match your natural hair texture.  Human hair extensions can be straight, natural wave, body wave and deep wave/ curls.

Can I get a different color or lighter shade than my color hair?
Yes, but we suggest matching your current hair color. Human hair can be toned a shade darker or highlighted if needed.

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