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We are a team of hair extensions experts here to help you look in the mirror and love your hair. Our goal is the customize the perfect hair extension system that will have you loving the way you look, comfortable with the way they feel and easy to maintain with your lifestyle in mind. 

There are all different reason to get hair extensions. 

For daily wear many women opt for something more permeant that stays in the hair for 4-8weeks. For special occasions we recommend having a custom halo extensions made or clip-in extensions made. These are ideal for those looking to wear hair extensions occasionally. For those with thinning hair, especially on the crown of the head we typically recommend to go with a hair piece or wig. 

Our color experts will match your coloring to your extensions perfectly so they seamlessly blend into your own hair. With comfort in mind we make every effort to adjust your extensions for you. Your hair texture is also important to keep in mind, you want your extensions to blend seamlessly with your own hair. 

Since it takes time to learn how to maintain your extensions, we offer complimentary follow up consultations to make sure you are maintaining your extensions properly at home. It is important to learn how to and when to use heat on your extensions, what products to use, how to brush them, store them and how to style them. If you ever need a refresher course we are always here to go over any questions you may have via email, phone or a consultation appointment.

Why Hair Extensions?

Keep it simple


Why we LOVE extensions!

Here are some reasons why women are loving their hair extensions

"They make me feel glamorous"

"I haven't gone a day without them in over 10+ years!"

"I got a bad haircut and extensions eased the growing pains"

"I just felt like changing up my look"

"My extensions helped me feel and look extra beautiful on my wedding day"

"My hair is thinning and extensions make me look like a normal women"

"They are so much fun!"

"I have 4 different halos- depending on my mood I change it up"

"Its just easier on vacation to know my hair will always look great"

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