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Custom Made Extensions

Just amazing... Tomy took my frail, thin (ugly hair) and turned it into something amazing. He started by brightening up my hair color, which made a world of difference, my eyes really popped and my hair felt better already. Then since I had so much previous damage done to my hair he advised that i didn't put permanent extensions in until he was comfortable that my hair was restored. I was prepared for a very big bill thinking I was coming in for a full head of extensions... I appreciate Tomy's honesty and his recommendations. Tomy and Jill custom designed a hair halo that I take in and out of my hair daily.. its just amazing, I cannot express the transformation in my hair and overall appearance after just one visit to Tomy B. Salon . IF you are looking for hair extensions you must consult with Tomy first

Best Seamless Tape In Extensions.

Tomy and Jill really take the time to match your hair color perfectly.. my seamless tape in extensions look so natural. No one noticed that I had extensions in, they just kept complimenting on how amazing my hair looked. The tape in extensions are comfortable and easy to maintain.

Fixed my hair!

I came to Tomy with a horrible head of extensions... it was just a mess knotty heavy a mix of fusion glue, weaves... a little bit of everything, it was just awful. I kept trying new salons and no one could give me what I wanted until I met Tomy. He took all of that junk out of my hair and gave me an awesome set of seamless tape extensions. They are beyond comfortable, natural looking and impossible to spot. I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I have gotten on my hair since I started seeing Tomy. He is fantastic!

10+ years a client

Tomy's salon is like nowhere else. The staff is warm and friendly and always great you with a delicious cappuccino. I bring my laptop hand out on the porch surrounded by trees and truly relax as Tomy works on my hair. I got to Tomy for the works, hair color, haircut, highlights, treatments and extensions. He asses my hair before every appointment, pends the time to talk and understands what I want. He is an artist and the best thing to do is to just let him do his thing, he has never steered me wrong.

Long Long and Longer

All I have to say is Thank You!! I just moved to the area tried a new hair salon for the first time and the chopped off my hair! I was traumatized, I always had beautiful long hair and in two seconds it was just chopped off way too short. I found Tomy online, read all of his reviews and was so happy I decided to visit the salon for a consultation. I walked out feeling like me again , my long hair was back and beautiful (with the help of some hair extensions!) Tomy is amazing, he just knows how to fix your problems and make you feel and look beautiful

Problem fixed

I love, love loveee extensions. the bigger the better! Well at least that is what a have been striving for. You ever walk the mall and see obvious extensions.. beads always peaking out every time the girl would move her hair the slightest bit.... unfortunately I have been a victim of bad hair extension installment for years!.. I always said use as much hair as you can, so every place I had gone would use too much hair so that you could clearly see the extensions and then charge me for all the extra hair they used. Tomy was the ONLY stylist to say to me that if he used too much hair it would be visible and difficult to brush and manage. Instead of the beads he offered seamless tape extensions that gave me a ton of long thick (kim hair!) without those awful extension bead sticking out. Thank you Tomy for being so honest with me and teaching me about the different type of extension systems. I really appreciated all the tim you took to consult with me

5 stars

Tomy did such an amazing job on my tape hair extensions, Its like they are not even there , light comfortable, seamless much better than those old beads everyone used to use

Highly Recommend

Tomy added just a few tape hair extensions to my hair for that extra volume I was missing. It was the perfect touch to have my hair looking fabulous. Tomy really knows how to do just a little bit extra to make you feel beautiful

Love My New Hair

Jill and Tomy did my extension about a week ago... no-one even noticed I got them done it was amazing. When i mentioned to my mom and best friends they all responded with... "yeah I thought your hair looked longer looks so natural I couldn't tell" That was exactly the response I was looking for. The hair extensions are comfortable easy to manage and NATURAL-LOOKING!

What I was missing

I have extremely thin hair and decided to consult with Tomy how I could get a little more thickness without damaging my already fragile strands. He made me this amazing hair piece called a hair halo. I take it in and out every day 1, 2, ,3 ... very simple and makes a huge difference in my appearance. Every time I look in the mirror I cant believe its me!

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