Remy Hair vs. Silky Hair vs. Yaki Hair

Human Hair Extension are described several ways, we hope that these explanations help you better understand your options when purchasing human hair extensions.


Virgin Hair

100% Natural hair that has not been processed, colored permed or processed.  It is less likely to tangle during washing and regular maintenance because the cuticle is in-tacked and all hair is in the same direction. You can color your virgin hair as desired, without worrying about over processing.

Virgin hair is available in Indian Virgin, Chinese Virgin, Malaysian Virgin, Mongolian Virgin and Russian Virgin.

Remy Hair (Indian)

This texture is silky and fine like that of a person of Indian origin. Indian hair, even when "straight", has a natural wave to it. Indian hair is easier to curl and holds curls better and longer than Chinese hair.

This texture is very popular and looks natural. This hair is Silky & Soft.

Remy Hair (Chinese)

Chinese Remy is silky and is generally thicker in diameter than Indian Remy. As a result, Chinese hair tends to be heavier and thicker than Indian hair. It does not hold curls as well as Indian hair.

 Chinese Remy hair is superior when it comes to straight, sleek styles - after you wash it, it dries virtually straight and requires less styling.

Yaki Hair

Resembles African American Hair that has been permed/relaxed. This texture is very natural looking and blends well for African American women.



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