Hair Extension After Hair Loss

Premier Hair Extensions- Losing hair after COVID

The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives in a plethora of unimaginable ways. If you’re worried about increased hair loss or a rapidly receding hairline, you need to understand how stress impacts our body.

Have you been experiencing excessive hair loss during the lockdown? It’s not a cause to be worried, as we have come across many clients with similar complaints. First and foremost, it is crucial to identify the cause behind this hair loss.

Age-related hair loss

As we continue to age, our hair becomes thinner and brittle, much like the rest of our body organs that become weaker. We become more reliant on products and nutrient supplementation to maintain our strength and vitality.

Hormonal changes before and after menopause are another reason behind excessive and sudden hair loss. If you’re taking any medications or steroids for chronic ailments, they can also be the culprit behind your hair loss. It is best to consult your doctor on the side-effects of such medications and gain insight into the hormonal changes you may be experiencing.

Stress-induced hair loss

Hair loss is one of the many symptoms of excessive stress, which gives birth to chaotic hormones that wreak havoc in our bodies. Stress may be a mental state of mind, but it has the ability to bring about overpowering physical changes and physiological reactions. In the wake of the coronavirus, we have all been cooped up at home, deprived of our livelihoods and the social support of our loved ones, friends and family.

Some of the most brutal symptoms of COVID-19 that not many people are discussing include seclusion, isolation, depression, stress and anxiety. While the disease-related symptoms only impact those who get infected, these adverse mental health effects can be observed in every single one of us.

A Simple Solution: Hair Extensions

Many women shy away from experimenting with hair extensions over inhibitions that their hair might look unnatural. They may have been true in the past, but today, hair extensions have undergone dramatic innovations to improve hair quality and provide the shine, radiance and texture synonymous with human hair.

If you’re anxious and depressed by your sudden hair loss, channel these negative feelings towards a positive outcome. Hair extensions will help you renew your confidence and elevate your self-esteem by rejoicing the youthfulness they will add to your face and form. If you’ve always dreamt of long and silky waves, why hold back?

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