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Long Island Hair Extension Experts – Wear Hair Extensions and Wigs Like Celebrity 

Hair extensions and wigs are getting more and more famous among the modern fashionistas, celebrities and social media influencers. The reasons may be various but the top most reason is that they can mark their own personal style statement by wearing a stunning hair extension. Wigs and hair extensions are a fabulous way to create a look that you have always dreamt of. Instead of taking up a risk of experimenting new hair color or style you can simply opt to wear a new sensational style and color of natural looking hair extension to achieve your hair-goals. Some of the celebrities use wigs and hair extensions because they are dealing with certain health issues that cause hair fall and hair loss. In fact several film and TV actresses have worn wigs in their most popular movies or TV shows. Here are some of the top most popular celebrities that wear hair extensions and wigs and are truly inspirational for us.

Kylie Jenner

From stunning neon green, purple, platinum blonde to jet black, Kylie has experimented the ultimate hair color and style options by making use of wigs and hair extensions. The young celebrity has her own hair extension line has revealed in one of the interview that wearing wigs makes her ‘feel like a new person.’

Kim Kardashian

Kim Karadashian’s drastic and head turning hair looks are just the selection of finest wigs and applications done by the best hair wig and extension experts. Her luxuriously thick and stylish hair looks are achieved by wigs and hair extensions at many important events that were always inspirational for her fans and followers.

Angelina Jolie

The most gorgeous looking celeb, Angelina Jolie, wore many hair styles in the form of wigs and hair extension in many movies such as in the film Salt. She has also been reported as wearing wigs or hair extensions to red carpet so that her hair look luxuriously thick and eye catching


The beautiful looking celeb has been a style icon for the fashionistas and she has been particularly famous for her stunning new hair looks. She has been wearing many types of hair extensions to create a head turning hair style especially by using lace front hair extensions. Some other top most sensational black celebs who wear hair extensions and wigs are Rihanna and Amber Rose.

Robert Pattinson

Had to wear wig during the movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn as he had shave head for another movie character, but due to flawless application of wig nobody could even guess that!

Lady Gaga

The inspirational fashion icon has been most popular celebrity wearing wig and flaunting her personal style. Her hair extensions and wigs have been a way to mark her versatility and individuality.

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