Seamless Tape Hair Extensions

Seamless Tape Hair Extensions are the most delicate and gentle system of permanent hair extensions. Tape is used to bond the hair to the extension


-Gentle & Safe
-Lasts 4-6 Weeks
-Tape Can Be Replaced For Longer Wear
-Ideal for Volume, Destiny and Length
-Very Comfortable
-Each Piece is custom cut and colored for you
-100% Human Hair Extension




What Are Your Options? Hair Extension Systems

At Tomy B. Hair Salon we offer a wide array of hair extension systems to fit your needs. Each system is customized for you.

Seamless Tape Hair Extensions
Halo Hair Extensions
Hair Pieces
Fusion Hair Extensions
Cylinder Beaded Extensions
Weft hair extensions

Remy Hair Extensions
Silky Hair Extensions
Yaki Hair Extensions

**All Extensions Are 100% Human Hair Extensions**

Certified Hair Extension Salon Specialists

Full Head Hair Extensions
Hair Extensions For Length
Hair Extensions For Volume
Hair Extensions For Color
Ombe Hair Extensions
Highlighted Hair Extensions

Why Choose Tomy B. Hair Extensions?

The Most Luxurious Hair Extension On Long Island

Tired of traveling to Manhattan for quality hair extensions?
Would you prefer to drive to a intimate boutique hair salon on Long Island?
Looking for sexy long beach waves?
Do you want full, voluminous bouncy hair extensions?
Are you looking for a professional, licensed hair expert on Long Island to custom craft your hair extensions? ultimate place to learn about hair extensions and find the best system for you– right here on Long Island’s Gold Coast


A beautiful new look begins with beautiful new hair. At, we can help customize the perfect hair extension for you. Tomy B. Hair Salon has over 15 year experience customizing, installing and maintaing hair extensions. Here at Tomy B. Salon we custom order each extension to perfectly match your hair texture and color. We have the training, knowledge, and experience to guarantee you will love your brand new gorgeous hair extensions.
We work directly with extensions manufacturers to ensure top quality and personalization of every strand… stop dealing with salons over charging for labels when you can receive your hair directly from the manufactures custom made for you!

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