Halloween Wig Ideas!

Long Island Hair Extension – Halloween Wig Ideas to Match Costumes    

The happy Halloween being just around the corner, all of us are looking for the most awesome and mesmerizing Halloween costume ideas. Although spooky costumes are a great way to complete a Halloween party but getting a right kind of Halloween is a best way to boost up your personal style and dominate the whole event effortlessly. If you want to mark a great personal style statement this year on Halloween parties and stand out of the crowd, wig and hair extensions with amazing Halloween hair style is your ideal choice. A regular hairstyle look doesn’t complement the ethereal and out-of-the-world Halloween look. You can add an edge by getting a hair extension or wig of longer hair of any color, texture and length to complete your costumes’ stunning look. You can use as many gels, hair paints and dyes on your hair extensions and wigs, without fearing the hair damage or hair breakage. You can experiment any look that you always dreamed of, by getting a suitable hair extension. Here we share the most show-stopping hair style ideas which you can create by using wigs.

Pumpkin Bun

You can create a huge pumpkin bun adding green leaves accessories or hair clips. All you need to do is get a long hair extension, apply it to your hair and create a larger than life hair bun with orange hair paint.

Disney Princess

Becoming a Disney Princess can be the easiest yet cutest Halloween costume idea. Whether it is for a kid or a dame, a Disney princess costume looks beautiful and stylish too.  In order to complete the princess look, you need to have long ravishing hair, which can be possible with a beautiful hair extension. The next thing is to create stylish bread out of it and apply LED light in it. A little bit of head accessories can complete the ethereal look.

Neon Hues

The long hair looks absolutely head-turning with Halloween costume, especially with Neon Hues. Dying your hair in neon color can be an ultimate dare that very few of us wish to experiment. But, our biggest wish can come true this Halloween if we get a neon hued hair extension, or apply hair paint and gel to your long wig.

Unicorn Hairstyle

To get a unique unicorn hair style, you need to have longest hair which can be created into a unicorn colored horn. Use a con, gel and hair spray to create a fabulous looking hair style.

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