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Hair Extensions

Your dreams for voluminous hair, long and thick can come true without any extensive hair treatment or cosmetic procedure. We offer 100% human hair extensions, ideally suited for all hair types. Now, you can add volume and length to your hair without feeling self conscious… our extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

Our 100% human hair extensions are designed to deliver perfection and quality. We want you to reclaim your confidence and get creative with glamorous hairstyles. Keep reading to learn about our fine quality hair extensions.

Custom-made to Match your Hair

We believe in perfection, especially where the matters of the hair are concerned. One cannot make do with artificial hair extensions because they look unnatural and stand out instead of falling in place. In contrast, human hair extensions blend in seamlessly well, adding volume and length without feeling unnatural or overly aesthetic.

We can help you obtain custom-made human hair extension to match your hair color and texture so you can flaunt them with confidence. These extensions will work wonders at adding volume to your mane, and elongating your length. You can experiment with all the hairdos that you’ve always wanted to try but couldn’t due to lack of volume and length.

Perfect for Hair Transformations

If you’re struggling with excessive hair loss hair thinning or other hair conundrums, you can understand the loss of confidence and self-esteem such issues typically accompany. Women wear their hair like a crown that no one can steal from them. But once they fear their crown is falling apart, they struggle with negativity and toxic emotions around their beauty.

We present you the perfect transformation without undergoing an extensive or expensive hair procedure. Our human hair extensions will have you transforming your hair for a dazzling new look every day!

Do you need curly hair extensions, long hair or perhaps short hair? We can accommodate all your needs and help you find the right extensions to add volume and length to your mane.

Are you ready to transform your hair and change how you look? Get in touch with our team for a detailed consultation session so we can help you find the perfect fit for your hair. Hair extensions are an amazingly liberating decision, and we guarantee excellent value for your money. The human hair extensions will blend in beautifully, glamourizing your mane!


Hair Extension After Hair Loss

Premier Hair Extensions- Losing hair after COVID

The deadly COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives in a plethora of unimaginable ways. If you’re worried about increased hair loss or a rapidly receding hairline, you need to understand how stress impacts our body.

Have you been experiencing excessive hair loss during the lockdown? It’s not a cause to be worried, as we have come across many clients with similar complaints. First and foremost, it is crucial to identify the cause behind this hair loss.

Age-related hair loss

As we continue to age, our hair becomes thinner and brittle, much like the rest of our body organs that become weaker. We become more reliant on products and nutrient supplementation to maintain our strength and vitality.

Hormonal changes before and after menopause are another reason behind excessive and sudden hair loss. If you’re taking any medications or steroids for chronic ailments, they can also be the culprit behind your hair loss. It is best to consult your doctor on the side-effects of such medications and gain insight into the hormonal changes you may be experiencing.

Stress-induced hair loss

Hair loss is one of the many symptoms of excessive stress, which gives birth to chaotic hormones that wreak havoc in our bodies. Stress may be a mental state of mind, but it has the ability to bring about overpowering physical changes and physiological reactions. In the wake of the coronavirus, we have all been cooped up at home, deprived of our livelihoods and the social support of our loved ones, friends and family.

Some of the most brutal symptoms of COVID-19 that not many people are discussing include seclusion, isolation, depression, stress and anxiety. While the disease-related symptoms only impact those who get infected, these adverse mental health effects can be observed in every single one of us.

A Simple Solution: Hair Extensions

Many women shy away from experimenting with hair extensions over inhibitions that their hair might look unnatural. They may have been true in the past, but today, hair extensions have undergone dramatic innovations to improve hair quality and provide the shine, radiance and texture synonymous with human hair.

If you’re anxious and depressed by your sudden hair loss, channel these negative feelings towards a positive outcome. Hair extensions will help you renew your confidence and elevate your self-esteem by rejoicing the youthfulness they will add to your face and form. If you’ve always dreamt of long and silky waves, why hold back?

Custom Made Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions: 100% Human Hair Extensions to Elevate your Glamour & Style

Hair extensions are increasingly popular and a convenient styling trick to oomph up your glamour without much hassle. Custom made halo hair extensions have come under the spotlight for their versatility and beauty. Made with 100% natural human hair, these extensions look perfectly natural and fit seamlessly well with the hairdo you want to create.

It’s difficult to find natural hair extensions that are designed to match your hair color and compliment your skin tone. We all want to rock salon-ready hairstyles without spending hundreds of dollars and taking out hours from our busy schedules.

Halo hair extensions present a convenient and effortless solution to flaunt gorgeous and glamorous hairstylists without spending hours in front of the mirror!

Do it Yourself Glam!

A glamorous and stylish hairdo is a liberating act that allows us to feel more confident. Those who are not morning people rarely understand the joy and creativity of sitting in front of the mirror and putting together a neatly coiffured hairdo. With the halo hair extensions, it becomes incredibly easier to try out new styles and enjoy a heavy volume in whatever hairstyle you want to flaunt.

The best part about these custom-made hair extensions is the easy DIY experimentation, thanks to their versatility and convenience. You can easily attach these to add volume and length to your tresses, whether you’re styling up for a regular day at work or a special occasion.

In the long-run, these extensions will help you save thousands of dollars by allowing you to create elaborate hairstyles all by yourself.

100% Natural Human Hair

Fake and unnatural-looking hair extensions are a horrible investment, and very easy to detect by a trained eye. In recent years, hair extensions have become increasingly popular, and almost everyone can spot unnatural layers and length.

These custom-made halo hair extensions are masterfully crafted with 100% pure human hair. They are designed and customized to compliment your hair color, skin tone and overall aesthetic profile. These natural-looking hair extensions will blend in seamlessly with your hair, adding a delightful volume and increased length to your gorgeous mane. These are a convenient and premium quality investment!

Are you ready to play up your hair glam with 100% natural human hair extensions? Get in touch today to explore hair colors and textures that best compliment your style and natural hair. Call today for a complimentary hair extensions consultation with Long Island’s Premier Hair Extension experts 516-621-4014

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